Repair Cream

NB Skin Science Even Bright

Pigmented, Uneven Tone, Acne Affected and Aging Skin 

The result of sun exposure and air pollution on our skin can leave long lasting scars on our skin. This leaves us with pigmented and dull skin, uneven tone around the cheeks and chin or dark scars from acne. Reverse the damage with unique properties boost collagen, creating brightness and lift. It is absorbed systematically through all layers of the skin to heal sub dermal and surface damage from sun exposure and air pollution.

NB Skin Science Neck Cream

All Skin Types

We neglect our neck areas when we really should be paying more attention to it. The skin around this area is prone to sagging and loss of elasticity as we age. With this treatment, the neck area receives a boost of anti-aging, anti-oxidant and moisturising elements to leave it soft, supple and smooth.