About Us

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Our Journey

As a teen and young adult, Kamani endured painful acne and psoriasis on her face. It left her skin badly scarred and sent her self confidence plummeting. Ever resilient, Kamani decided there and then to dedicate her life to develop a systematic treatment plan. Today, 16 years of research and experience in South Africa, India and England has resulted in NB Skin Science.

Why NB skin Science

The name NB Skin Science reflects our brand’s mission: to place importance on using a scientific approach to reveal naturally beautiful skin. Our vision is to place affordable, high functioning skin care into your hands.

Our Products

Our range of products uses only the finest extracts and purest ingredients. Through our research, we have developed treatment plans for both ethnic and general skin types. NB Skin Science is the perfect answer for stress-induced acne, worn-out skin resulting from ailments, aging, blemished, as well as hormonally dry or oily skin.

A message from the owner, Kamani

Finally, you can access an affordable skin care regimen that can be part of your daily routine, regardless of when you decide to start. Says Kamani, "I have always known that my calling in life was to help people face each day feeling more confidence about their own skin. My purpose is to ensure that you come to know the full joy of leaving home looking like you.”